Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stake Conference and Concentration

This past weekend we had Stake meetings and Stake Conference. Elder Tony Parker of the Area Seventy was our visitor. He was very vibrant, loud, funny and spiritual. Unfortunately, I was chosen to answer questions in both Saturday Sessions which is very stressful. We had a Q/A time for the adult timeframe which didn't turn out real good because some of the members asked questions that could have been answered in a fireside, BYD or 5th Sunday.

On Sunday, we were all able to travel together in the Truck (Excursion). That was fun. Although we were a little late but not too bad. Jeffery called the Seventy - the Preacher. He said this because he told us that his Great Grandfather was a preacher, His Grandfather was a preacher and his Brother was a preacher. Some of the children were concentrating some of the time. Here is a picture of what Ethan was doing as he concentrated on the speakers.

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