Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Rails

Since Jamie, Katherine and Ethan decided to act like monkeys, they were sentenced to being grounded until they scrape and paint the rails on the porch and stairs outside. Right now they are working away with wire brushes. I need to think of more productive punishments like this. I've been helping them also, but Jamie especially does a great job.
I would take a picture of the busy bees, but I'm waiting to buy batteries for the camera because I didn't budget it for this pay period.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Cost of an Education

I finally added up how much we spent on educating our family this year. I sure am glad I'm done! These numbers include fees, donations, class parties, field trips, field day, lunch bought at school once a week, tuition for me, supplies, and items I was asked to send to school. The only thing I didn't keep track of was how much I spent on lunch from home.

Wendy $916.51
Jamie $234.02
Katherine $276.26
Ethan $250.14

Total $1,676.93

Just the children $760.42

Don't Eat Off the Floor!

Last week the most disgusting thing happened. One of the five children in my house picked something they thought was a ball of chocolate off the floor and put it in his/her mouth. It was not chocolate! Yes, it was poop. I told you it was gross! It took almost an hour of talking for me to find out that the someone (who I already knew was having having bathroom issues) decided not to go to the bathroom when their body told them it was time. Thankfully this person is having MUCH better bathroom experiences now. The moral of the story is that maybe the 2, 3, 5, or 10 second rule should be abolished.

Friday, June 18, 2010


This morning Jamie, Katherine and Ethan acted like monkeys by swinging on the water pipes in the basement. Rubi (I'm watching her for Amy now that I am out of school.) flushed the toilet which caused Jeffery to come running up the stairs yelling that the water is leaking. The kids had pulled the PVC pipe loose from the fitting and the "water" was leaking onto the futon (?) and the floor. Jason came home from work to fix it and was not happy about spending 2 hours driving to do so. When does school start?