Saturday, February 27, 2010

Funny Ethan Story

Last night we stopped by Target to see if they had some things that the children needed. Sometimes it is hard for two parents to look after 4 children. Jamie isn't so bad. Katherine likes to be playful, Ethan likes to run and hide but sometimes gets a little sidetracked and Jeffery loves to run around, too. Well, we finally got all of them together to check out at the register. Well, Ethan goes beyond the register to the front of the store where there is this mysterious "mirror". He doesn't know anything about the "mirror". Little does he know, there might be some people behind the mirror. So I was watching him while Wendy was checking out and he stared into the mirror and began to make faces at himself, he thought. So I went away in my mind to a thought of what is going on behind the mirror. There must be 2 or more people just laying out on the floor crying from laughter. So, I told Wendy what I was thinking and she chuckled at it, too. It was just so hilarious! He has no regard to place of where goofiness doesn't fit in. You just have to know him. Whenever you see a Walt Disney cartoon with Goofy, just think of Ethan, because they're one in the same.

New Scriptures

We have several old scriptures that Ethan uses, needless to say, they are all ripped up and falling apart, so we decided to get him some new ones. Normally when the children turn 8 years old we get them brand new scriptures - and we still will get some for Ethan. He really needed to get some scriptures. We decided to get the cheap paperback scriptures so that at least he has some to bring to church and to read during scriptures and prayers every night.

Post Scripture Reading Activity

Jeffery has participated in some dangerous activities recently, but his most dangerous is the rodeo riding. After scriptures and prayers, he hops on mommy's back and yells "giddy-up". Off he goes on a bucking bronco, just-a-giggling and being slung around like a rag doll. Sometimes he'll get bucked but he climbs right back on.

Finally I'm Sealed

I am sealed to my wife and children but it has been a long time coming to get sealed to my Dad and Sandra. I guess we kind of procrastinated on trying to get everybody together and doing it all at once but it never worked out. Carl, Casey and Jody were in the military and were traveling the world so that made it difficult to do. So we finally decided to do it this way - one at a time to get it complete. I was the first to kick it off since I live closest. Hopefully when Carl moves to Kentucky, then he can start the process. Sealed for time and all eternity!

Friday, February 19, 2010