Thursday, April 20, 2017

Birthday Party for Katherine and Nathan

Katherine wanted to have her birthday party sooner but sickness struck so we couldn't have it. It all worked out and both were happy.

Katherine decorated her own cake.

Nathan was proud of his cupcakes and the toys that  were on display.

Nathan's favorite gift of all. A Cars hat.

Isn't he so cute?

This was a good day.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Random Thoughts

It's been a while since I've posted last - Christmas. I just wanted to get on here and post again just to catch up on some things that I have been thinking about and an update on our children.

Jamie -
She's getting a little trunky with school and all of the activities associated with her age group. She is ready to get out there in the world and see what it is all about. She is excited to graduate from school, seminary and the youth program. She is looking forward to college (in a way) and the YSA program. This upcoming weekend she will be traveling to Tuscaloosa to visit the YSA unit and to see what it is all about. She probably won't be attending U of A but this will give her an experience to what is happening for those who are not in high school. Good Luck Jamie!!

Katherine -
She is trying to get her driver's license so that she can finally see a little freedom and practice what she has learned over the last year while she has had her driver's permit. She has been in Home School for the last 6 months and enjoys it a little more than school itself. She will be our first graduate of the Home School program when that time comes around. Katherine has been working out and watching her food intake for the last 2 or more months and is doing a good job. She is experiencing discipline for herself and is finding out who she is.

Ethan -
Ethan just keeps growing. He started last summer when he past Jamie and Katherine. They were a little upset with him but figured out that they couldn't do anything about it. He played basketball this past season - January & February. It was the 8th grade team and he enjoyed that time. They came very close to beating the top team in the county during the County Tournament Playoffs. Ethan progressed and did very well. He finally started blocking shots better. He was always afraid to because he would get a foul ever so often. Ethan is also doing home school but he is enrolled into public school for (2) classes so that he can play public school sports (Tebow Law).

Jeffery -
He is now in baseball and is doing really good. When he first started, he would hardly swing because he didn't want to get out so he would risk the walk. He would be happy when he got on base. Now, he is gaining confidence and is hitting the ball with authority. He averages 2 at bats per game and is getting a hit per game. He is one of the tallest kids on his team and is not skinny for his age. He is loving the cub scout program, too. He is a Webelos right now and is enjoying the many great activities that they are doing. Jeffery has been in home school for almost 2 years, now.

Julie -
She is such a cutie. Her hair is so wild at times. She likes to put ponytails in her hair for church. She has the cutest little smile. At times though, she is very demanding and snippy. She loves playing with her brother, Nathan. She loves to go outside and play. Right now we have a big sandbox in our front yard that is not really sand but dirt that was left over from our Septic Tank installation.

Nathan -
He is so precious and the older kids just love him and love playing with him. He says the funniest things when you can understand him. He is being potty trained and is wearing these size 4 underwear that are super heroes and star wars themed. He looks so cute in them. He loves to play cars and blocks and loves to be outside with Julie. He is also very sneaky. You'd better have doors closed and locked if you don't want him getting into your stuff. He is learning to climb on the kitchen counters to get what he wants. He goes into the girls bathroom and get into the girls' makeup. He got into Wendy's finger nail polish a while back and now we have proof on the wall.

Well, I just wanted to write about some things that were happening here at home to catch everyone up on our lives (if you are viewing this). Hopefully I can write more or one of the older kids can write on this blog for a project that they have at school. I have some things on my mind that I do want to share but I will do that either on a different blog (I haven't decided, yet) or this same blog.