Sunday, July 17, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011


Jeffery is tired Saturday night at China 1. We are sitting at the Hibachi table. Yes, hibachi at a Chinese restaurant. The man kept asking if we needed help, but we kept saying no. He finally asked if I wanted him to cook for me. He thought the kids would like to see the fire, which they did.

On the way to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Yes, Jeffery is sucking his thumb and was holding his foot. It sure is hard to keep that thumb out of his mouth!

Ethan saw this phone booth and had a blast "talking" to his girlfriend. Jeffery was just taking notes.

This picture made me think of Superman coming out of the phone booth.

This this the store that Jason and Katherine picked out a candle for me-pink lemonade.

We were on our way to the car and stopped to watch these cloggers show us their chicken dance.

I forgot to bring ketchup for the hot dogs. I did have mustard for the ham and turkey sandwiches so Jason put a small dab on each of the kids' hot dogs and told them to try it. Jeffery had a meltdown!

I thought this was a pretty rock so Jason took a picture of it. It was at the river of course.

We didn't eat at the Mellow Mushroom, but these statues were too cute to pass up for a photo op.

I LOVE Jamie's face in this one! This HUGE stone or marble is suspended by water pressure. You can push it and roll it around.

Jason saw this t-shirt display and thought it was cooler than the t-shirts. By the way, it is a real car.

Our chef at the hibachi bar.

The Chalet

Jason's excited to go to Gatlinburg!

Pancakes and Hard Rock

The first day we were in Gatlinburg, we ate at Flipjack's Pancake Cabin.

That night we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for the first time. Well, at least for me. Jason may have been before.

Jeffery decided to play with the rest of his french fries instead of eat them. He made a ship with a little help from Daddy. It even has a sail!

Here is everyone waiting for food and enjoying the music.

Newfound Gap - Elevation 5,046 feet

Ethan decided to climb this wall and almost made it to the top. He was up so high that I got scared and told him to come down. He turned around and came down. I asked Jason if he knew he was up that high, and he said yes.


We took a break from shopping to enjoy some fresh donuts.

Katherine was ready for this close-up.

Cute boys!

Uh, Jamie, I think you have a little something on your face.

Ethan got the BIGGEST eclair I have ever seen.


While Jamie, Katherine and I were looking for Katherine's souvenir, Jason and the boys were playing on a little horse statue.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wading in the Creek

This is Jeffery starting out. His little shorts were wet at the edge, but eventually got soaked. Both Ethan and Jeffery got to take their shirts off to swim in a small chest high (on Jeffery) spot.

Ethan and Jeffery really had a blast. So much that they got wet at this location. Ethan got wet twice at this spot. Friday, we drove up to Cades Cove which is a beautiful plateau that takes about an hour to drive around. We went the 15 minute route. There is a campground up there with bathrooms and several small creeks running through it. We picked out a location where we could walk in the cool creek.

A picture of all four crossing through the creek.

This is Wendy's favorite thing to do.