Saturday, February 28, 2009

Test Score

I made a B on my test! There were only about 3 or 4 out of 12 who made a B and only 1 A.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sick Boy - Addendum

Wendy took Ethan to the doctor today because last night Ethan had a hard time breathing. He had shortness of breath and was coughing a lot but very short coughs. Anyway, in conclusion, we found out that he has Asthma. He will have to have the breathing chamber and also take Advere (however you spell it). More explanation to follow.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sick Boy

Ethan started throwing up/dry heaving this morning about 1:30 AM. He threw up what little liquid he had in his system about every 15-20 minutes. After 3:00 AM, it subsided. I stayed out of work today so that Wendy could go to school and I kept Jeffery. :(

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Test Complete

I took my test today and feel good about how I did on it:) Yeah! The stress is over for now.

Getting Dressed

Jeffery got dressed one day. I think Wendy helped him.
I did not! Jeffery found Jason's socks and shoes and put them on all by himself.

Honor Thy Mother and Thy Father

We try to teach our children at a young age!


It is 1:25am and Katherine is coughing. After getting up 3 times to give her Delsyum, 2 puffs of an inhaler, and runny nose medicine I am now WIDE awake. Don't ask me why I can't think of ALL the medicine to give her the first time I get out of bed because I don't know.

If I study, I'll be tired when it's time to get up. On the other hand, if I get back in bed, won't I be awake anyway listening to Katherine cough? I am so tired and don't want to fall asleep during the test so I guess I'll just listen to Katherine cough and maybe the sound will lull me to sleep. Yeah right!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Time Management

I scheduled a doctor's appointment for Jeffery this morning for 8:45am. While I was in the shower, Jeffery decided to eats lots of vitamin C's (the orange chewable kind). I found him with the entire bottle emptied out on the chair. I didn't think anything of it until I was changing his diaper in preparation for the doctor's visit. As he was lying on the changing table orange liquid starts coming out of his mouth. Then he sits up and vomits some more. So now he has no diaper on sitting in throw up. The only thing to do at this point is get him and all the soiled clothes and little table cover to the tub to clean everything. Now I know I'm going to be late.

We finally get out the door clean with clean clothes and just as we come within a half mile of the doctor's office, Jeffery throws up 2 more times. I have a little trash can in the van, but I am unable to catch anything because I AM DRIVING! I only find a onesie in the diaper bag which Jeffery quickly gets throw up on. Luckily, there is another one buried in the bottom. I take the trash can in with a half naked baby and just wish this day was over already! It is only 9:20am!

Once we get in a room, I tell the nurse that he ate lots of vitamin C's and has been throwing up and that becomes the most important thing to the nurse and Dr. Lytle. They ask me all kinds of questions I don't have the answers to and so I have to call Jason to see if he has any idea how many pills were in the bottle to start with. He thought there were about 100. Kim is not home so she can't run over to count the number left in the container. I call dad to run to my house to that info plus the number of mg of each tablet. The bottle originally had 180 pills which Jason estimated were half gone before Jeffery got a hold of it. There were 40 pills left in the bottle, and each pill was 500 mg. I think he ate about 10 of them while I took a 15 minute shower.

Dr. Lytle says Jeffery does have bronchitis and needs an antibiotic, but he can't take it until tonight or tomorrow morning. He just wants to make sure he is over this vitamin C problem first. Now I have a problem because I go to school (UAB) on Tuesday, and after conversing with my babysitter, I have no one to watch Jeffery. I tried to get him to the doctor early so he would be on the antibiotic 24 hours before he went to the babysitter's house. That way he wouldn't be contagious anymore.

I go to my arsenal of family to find someone available to watch my sick kid. Kim is bowling. Jodi has clinicals. Mom needs to sleep (even though she would say yes so Dad would end up watching Jeffery). Becky has kids that would get sick. So Jason decides to take off work.

Once we get the zithromax and come home, I do just what I was told to do and pump liquids into Jeffery. He loves all this apple juice he is getting! Unfortunately, he has major diarrhea that leaks out of his diaper onto the carpet, a picture of Jesus, and even the dresser drawers! Even more mess to clean up! GREAT! After I get Jeffery in the bath tub, I just sit down and start bawling my eyes out from frustration.

Oh, by the way, today I was planning to spend all day studying for my first test in Abstract Algebra tomorrow!

I sure hope you had a better and more productive day than I did!


I got an award!

Missy sent this award.
Thanks, Red!

Funny Christmas Pictures

Sarah and half of Ethan

Paul be careful. You don't want your face to freeze that way!

Jodi and Adam. I think she is going to blow a gasket!

"Nobody likes me everyone hates me I think I'll go eat worms."
Cheer up Jamie :)

Jeffy is a cutie isn't he Jodi?

Becky, Luke and Paul
She's not nearly as evil as she looks :)

Steve and Sherry conversing with someone.

Sariah as Mary. Ethan and Hyrum playing wise men.
Ryan taking pictures. Steve giving instructions. Sherry narrating? Adam is a shephard, and Nicholas is the donkey :)

Steve helping the wise men (Ethan, Brock and Hyrum) with their part in the reinactment of the birth of Jesus.

The wise guys-I mean men. Ethan and Hyrum.

My favorite! Brock thinking, "Is she ever going to stop talking?"
Aaron explains, "It says right here..."
Sarah reprovingly, "You better make sure you say it right!"

Some New Pictures

Paul, Brian and Rubi are sheep

Katherine and Mindy

Eilisa (my sister-in-law), Jeffery, Maddy (her daughter) and Ethan


Jamie and Ethan

Jason just downloaded almost 300 pictures from the camera. We had Christmas pictures in all those.