Friday, August 20, 2010

Trash Can Duties

One of Ethan's chores is taking out the trash and putting trash bags back into the trash cans. His normal way of doing it is to open the new trashbag up by putting it over his head, while standing, then putting the trashbag into the trashcan head first. Finally, pulling himself out of the trash can. Well, last night his plan was foiled. He did his normal routine, but while placing the trashbag in the trash can he somehow slipped, fell over the trash can on his back and began to yell for help. It was so funny. He was screaming for help while Jamie, Katie and I were in the kitchen just watching. Then someone said "Get the camera!" and he started squirming to get out so that no one could get a picture. We almost didn't.

First Day of School 2010

Their annual pose to show their height each year.

School bags and lunches ready to go.

Jamie had to look around our shrub to get into the picture.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finally a Freezer!

Yes, we have gone for twelve years without a freezer. I've been telling Wendy that we need to get one and then I would leave it alone for a while and then tell her again. Here recently, I have been cutting up some of the vegetables that we grew in our garden and I put them in our freezer above the refrigerator. Finally, she attended a Relief Society class that talked about freezers, foods and maintenance and she got excited about it. She started to investigate the different types of freezers and the area inside them. So, we finally bought one that she wanted. We put it downstairs in the basement.
It comes with a key and it has a digital reader to see what the temperature is inside. Don't worry we've already warned the kids about using this as a jungle gym.

Monday, August 9, 2010

ER Visit

Last Thursday was one exciting day! We spent all day in Cave Spring, Georgia (as you can see from previous posts) and most of the night in the emergency room. Around 8:40pm (not even an hour after we got home) Jeffery decided to jump from the laundry basket to Jamie and Katherine's bed but slipped first. He hit the back of his head on the corner of the nightstand and his mouth on the laundry basket. Nicholas came over to watch the kids while I drove to the after hours clinic with Jason holding Jeffery. On the way we called the doctor to see if they could make an appointment at Children's South (off Acton road), but when we got there the nurse and doctor said that we needed to go to the ER because he might need a CT (CAT scan). They didn't even do one anyway.

We were told how to get to there, but with all the construction we missed seeing the ER sign. So we ended up parking in front of Children's Hospital and walking down to the ER. I told Jason he needed to move the van several times, but he thought we would be done soon. When we finally asked someone about parking, Jason hustled because she said they would tow our van if we didn't move it. Children's ER has valet parking (15 feet away on the deserted-closed for construction-street).

Anyway, Jeffery had to have 3 stitches and the busted lip (you know the area where the lip meets the gum above your two front teeth) will heal on its own.

Jason, the nurse practitioner and I were all very impressed at how well Jeffery understood what was going on and communicated the information that was asked of him. He just kept asking, "Are we done yet?"

I was bored and really tired even though we were only in the ER for 2 hours, but I did think to take pictures with my camera on my phone.

This is what the corner of the nightstand will do to a 3 yr old's head. Do not under any circumstances let them play together!

This is how he feels afterwards. He pointed the 5 on the smiley/crying faces pain scale. 1 is a happy smiley face and 5 is the frowny face with tears. They gave him some medicine for the pain.

He got so bored that he started moving stickers to different parts of his body. They didn't have spiderman (He was actually wearing a Spiderman shirt that night.) so he chose Bumblebee.

Instead of injecting medicine to numb the area, they used a gel made of lidocaine and something else. The neon band aid is just to keep it there.

ER Conclusion

We were there so long that Jeffery got 3 stickers instead of 1. The yawn is how we all felt-tired-even though this was only around 11pm.

Jeffery asking if he had to drink all the gatorade. He had to take 4 bathroom trips while we were there.

The procedure.

The nurse practitioner who sewed Jeffery up said that the sutures were hard to see since they were the same color as Jeffery's hair.

All better!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cave Spring, GA - Ethan's jump

Here goes Ethan's jump into the swimming pool.

Cave Spring, GA - Pool 2

1. Another pool shot with Jamie and Katherine
2. Ethan got in trouble, so he had to sit for a while.
3. This is one of the steps to go into the pool. You can see the pipe where the cave spring feeds into the pool.

Cave Spring, GA - Pool

This by far was the treat of the day. After we got done with the cave and pond area, we were really hot and ready to swim. So, we got dressed in our swimsuits and headed over to the pool. When we first got in the pool, it was really cold. After a short while we figured out that we need to move away from the pipe and on out to the swimming area. The area next to the pipe was freezing cold and very slippery. This was like going to your local creek and taking a dip. The pool was very long. If I had to guess, it would probably be around 150 - 200 yards long. The last picture illustrates me standing at the edge of the pool and taking a picture all the way down to the other end. Not many people were there for a Thursday, but I can imagine that it is packed on the weekend.

Cave Spring, GA - Pond 2

Wendy and I

The pond with ducks and the fish

The children on the swing, we took several pictures to get the right one.

Cave Spring, GA - Pond

1. Picture of Ethan saluting for no reason
2. Jamie and Katherine posing on the bridge near the pond and in front of the cave
3. Ethan looking at the ducks and the fish.
4. Jeffery washing his hands from the touching the walls and floor in the cave.
5. One more picture on the bridge.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cave Spring, GA - Cave 2

Cave Springs - Cave

We took a picture by the cave. It was a little breezy. The cave is 57 degrees all year round. On our way in we saw a little spring from the cave. Katherine wanted to pose for the camera. On our way in the cave there was a small hole to the left that led to another cavity inside. We also saw a small stream of water.

Trip to Cave Spring, Ga.

Several weeks ago we came up with the idea to take a short trip to Cave Spring, Georgia to swim in their pool and visit the cave. When I was younger, we used to come here on several occasions. I am not sure if my younger siblings remember this or not. I couldn't remember how the pool looked but I just remember that it was cold. With these real hot days it was just perfect. It took us around two hours to travel to this spot.
There is a little stream that travels inside the hill to the pond then from the pond down a branch to the pool. Then after the pool it picks up to the creek again and travels the normal way. It was pretty cool how they had this engineered.
As you can see there is a pond next to the cave. The pond was full of fish. Every where you looked you could see bunches of fish. There were plenty of Ducks there, too. Ethan was surprised to find a duck hiding in the shrubs near the cave. He decided to pet the duck to see if it was real and the duck bit him, not too hard, though.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jeffery Again

Yes, we have yet another video of Jeffery being silly and goofy. Watch this "Celebration."

Sounds of the World Cup

Jeffery and Rubi were playing in the baby pool a couple of days ago with these candy canes. Jeffery discovered that if you dip the end in the water and then blow, the water shoots out like the blow hole of a whale. Rubi got the hang of it too, and we had fun watching them play. In the process they blew on the candy canes without water in them and liked the sound they heard. Now I have my own personal vuvuzela player. Yeah! (NOT!)