Monday, November 30, 2009

Plastic Cups Stuck Together

The Insanity Begins

Here we go. Jeffery is 3 now and the "mess making" has picked up steam. Saturday, the only day we were home for the Thanksgiving weekend, he sprayed Lysol all over the bathroom and hall floor. He even sprayed it in Jason's eye! Then Windex was used to clean the dining room windows, window seal, wall, floor, and even Jeffery himself. I think it was Thanksgiving morning that he got a bottle of blue ink (a refill for one of my Stampin' Up ink pads) and squeezed half of it all over our white sheets, my pillow and, of course, himself. It doesn't take him long to make a good mess. He is fast!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The most important pictures of the year!

Alabama 26 - Auburn 21

Late, real late Halloween pictures

Yard work

Wendy loves to rake leaves and make the yard pretty. This day, we raked and removed a couple of shrubs that we don't need. When we moved to this house a few years ago, the lady who owned it must've loved shrubs because she put a lot of them in this yard. On this certain day I removed 4 different shrubs and this past weekend I put some stump killer concoction on them. Hopefully, I'll never see them again.

Egg a la floor

Jeffery decided one morning that he wanted some eggs for breakfast. Several mornings before this incident, we had made omelets with cinnamon toast. He must've decided that he wanted to do the same this particular morning.
Mommy made him clean up the whole mess by himself (almost all).

Monday, November 16, 2009

Jeffery's Compromise

For the last week or so, Jeffery has been sneaking into the girls room to sleep. For the longest we tried and tried to make him sleep in his own bed. The girls kept letting him come in when we didn't catch him leaving his room, so we decided to make the girls suffer a little. At first the girls would complain because when they got tired and really wanted to go to sleep, Jeffery would still be awake and want to play. Jeffery wore his welcome out. After a while I would go into their room and get the sleeping boy and and put him in his bed. That way when the girls would wake up for school in the morning they wouldn't wake him up.
Well, tonight after 9 PM we noticed that all was quiet and no stirring was found. So I went into his room to see if he had gotten in his bed - because he's done that before, too. He was not there. I went down the hall to the girl's room and looked in their bed where he usually is located. No, he wasn't there either. So I was about to shut the door and I saw a pillow and blanket in the floor and Jeffery's little head peaking out. So I went closer to see if he was asleep and he wasn't. he had is eyes open watching me. I snickered a little and told him that he needs to go to his bed to sleep and of course he answered with a whispering "No".

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I was up late last night working on the blog and had to modify the posts several times due to errors I found later. Maybe I (really Jason) could do what Kim does and paste the link to the post in the email. Anyway, I want everyone to see my new backgrounds. I'm having fun changing them.

Jeffery's Birthday Party

Mindy was a big help with the game. She held the spinner for everyone to thump it and get a good spin and kept track of who's turn it was to go.

Jeffery is showing the tractor that Jodi and Adam gave him. He loves anything with wheels! Thanks, Westenhofers.

Now here is a perfect example of Brian "looking up" to Brock. I sure hope he doesn't learn to smile quite that big.

Long Time, No Post

I've been busy with my school, the kids' school, Jeffery's birthday party, the primary program, and the Trunk or Treat activity and haven't made time to update the blog. I guess the best way is to look at the pictures Jason downloaded from the camera.

I thought this was funny that Brock and Ethan wore the same shirt on the same day. It reminds me of Becky and I in high school. She would get dressed before seminary (in the clothes she planned to wear to school), and I would get dressed after seminary (in the clothes I planned to wear to school. I wore sweats and a t-shirt to seminary). I paid no attention to what she had on everyday (especially since I slept through seminary anyway), but I would choose to wear the same shirt as Becky. We had a lot of t-shirts that were the same.

Here is a good picture of the ex-Ironbirds, Brock and Ethan.

Silly boys! Brock with his ridiculously BIG "cheese" for the camera. And Ethan with a ridiculous look on his face and holding up some silly toy.

Here is Jeffery with his new dump truck just before his 3rd birthday party. Thanks, Joe and Trish! (He is in the middle of an eye blink, not drunk.)

Do you see some of the silliness he is getting from his big brother?