Friday, November 12, 2010

Jeffery's Birthday Presents

Money from Grandma.
A fix-it truck.
A few books to read.
Something's in the bag.
His first bicycle. Although, he'll have to ride in the basement until we can go to the park or Grandma & Grandpa's house.

Jeffery's Birthday

This day, on October 28th, was Jeffery's birthday and he was overjoyed. He couldn't believe that he is 4 years old. He did keep telling us that he was this many - "5 fingers". We had to correct him a few times, but he was happy.
Just before he blew out the candles. His buddy, Luke beside him.
He loved his cake and race cars.

Jamie decorated the cake with Kim guiding her.

Wendy's Birthday

This day, October 20th 2010, was Wendy's Birthday. So, we baked her a cake and gave her a card and a present.
Jamie wrapped the present for her.
And it was just what she wanted. She loves the waffle recipe that she got from her sister-in-law.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

October Get-together 2010 more pics

Jeffery's boo-boo. They were sitting close to the rail road tracks with big granite rocks that are used for construction. One of those rocks was either pushed down or thrown down. We found out later who was the culprit - Katherine. She didn't mean to do it, though or maybe didn't think of the consequences after.
The siblings together. (Top) Vent, Vicki, Zella. (Bottom) Steve, David and Dad. The age order is David, Dad, Zella, Vent, Vicki then Steve.
The Cousins: Only a few are here. Me, Marty, Carl, then Eric. The age order is Marty, Carl, Me then Eric.
The Grandchildren: Not all are here either. (left to right) Jeffery, Katherine, Jamie, Clara, Lalayna, December, Marshall, Ethan, Samuel, Benjamin and Montana.

October Get-together 2010

Jeffery kicking the ball. Notice the ball in mid flight. That's why it looks so wierd.
My Dad, Aunt Vicki, Aunt Zella and Aunt Shirley.
Aunt Marissa, Uncle Steve, Uncle David, Uncle Vent and Sandra. There is someone to the left of Marissa, but I can't tell who it is.
Jamie, One on One with Carl.

Pictures at Church

Wendy's Birthday Party

Wendy is getting ready to dig into her wonderful, chocolatey, spider web cake. Those are spiders on the side that spell out birthday.
A good shot of Katherine holding Autumn in the Autumn time.
The scary Spider-web cake.

Oak Mountain Hike

Here is a picture of Jeffery climbing a tree and holding on.
Can you identify the monkey in this picture?
We got our walking sticks and we're ready to go. Jeffery dropped his soon after and didn't want to carry it anymore.

Picture of us before going into the park.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jeffery's experiment with a Brush

Here are some pictures of Jeffery when he was trying to comb his hair like his big brother. We decided to spike it up to see how it would do.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bicycles at the park, III

There's Katherine pedaling like a maniac.
Jamie and her bike.
There's Jason.
We also took the bikes to Grandpa's house to ride and the kids rode a lot. Jason rode with them in the evening a little bit. Then Jeffery joined in later on with his scooter. Jeffery had fun being the arrester man (policeman). He was arresting people.

Bicycles at the park, II

Ethan's cruising down the path.
Ethan slides to a stop and looks back to see his tracks.

Jeffery driving his truck down the path. Yep, I had to carry it back because he was too tired.

Bicycles at the Park

This was a couple of weeks ago, but we still had fun doing it.

Jamie's tire is a little flat.
Jamie's ready to go.
We had to stop to talk to Katherine's coach from when she played soccer.
Just about to get started.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Trash Can Duties

One of Ethan's chores is taking out the trash and putting trash bags back into the trash cans. His normal way of doing it is to open the new trashbag up by putting it over his head, while standing, then putting the trashbag into the trashcan head first. Finally, pulling himself out of the trash can. Well, last night his plan was foiled. He did his normal routine, but while placing the trashbag in the trash can he somehow slipped, fell over the trash can on his back and began to yell for help. It was so funny. He was screaming for help while Jamie, Katie and I were in the kitchen just watching. Then someone said "Get the camera!" and he started squirming to get out so that no one could get a picture. We almost didn't.