Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Bowling Family Night

Usually we have this long list of things to do during the summer but with many schedule conflicts that are apparent this summer, we were barely able to get away and do some fun stuff. Especially with two small children. Wendy is trying to schedule naps and bedtime for the two little kids all of the time. Plus you have to throw in Twilight Camp, Girls Camp and Band Camp. If you notice in some of the pictures, Jamie was not there. Jamie and Mindy had Band Camp this night and the Bennetts were not able to make it because they already had a bowling night a couple of weeks before. Here are some good pictures. 
 Jeffery's approach is so hilarious. Luckily I have it on video.
 Ethan had so much fun tonight. He did pretty good, too.
 Maybe this is where Jeffery get's it from? Just kidding Wendy.
 When I bowl, my ball stays 3 inches off the floor until it gets 10 feet from the pins.
Our left-hander. 

There were some people beside us that left before we did and they left us with almost a whole pizza and the kids enjoyed that.