Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 27 Snow Day

 Monday January 27th was a very interesting day. I went into work know that it was going to snow but didn't know that it was going to turn out to be so disastrous. It began to snow around 9:30 or so and began to stick to the roads. When the snow melt, it froze. The conditions were bad. They let us go around 11 AM at work, so I bolted for the door. It took me 3 hours to get home. I was on I-20 for about 2 of those 3 hours. Moody was very slick by the time I got home and I had to park the car at the bottom of the hill because I couldn't get up my driveway.
 It was like grand central station at home. We were sending updates through the Leeds Ward Facebook page on all of the people who were caught in the storm. It was so neat to find out all of the stories that were captured and told as we found them out through emails, telephone calls and other facebook posts. The home teachers and visiting teachers made their calls and did a very good job of communicating needs. Although at the time, no one could really do anything about unless they wanted to be trapped in the snow. Everyone who was away from their families at the time, could only sleep where they could and wait out the storm. So many people extended their christian service to others as they waded through this time. So fascinating and wonderful.

 A few pics of Julie eating cupcakes given to us by our neighbor Trish Dobbs.
Ethan eating an icicle as he played in the snow.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 27 Snow Day 2

 Here are some more Snow Day Pics. We were able to get dressed and go outside and have fun in the snow. The snow wasn't very good for a snowman because it was more dusty than anything. Not too very long ago, we got ethan a jacket because he was going on a short hike in Cheaha for a Boy Scout activity. Actually this was just the week before the storm hit.

you can see my car is parked at the bottom of the hill and you may be able to see the tracks of the camry trying to make it up the driveway but failing.