Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's Dart Gun Time!

Jeffery's waiting for the prime opportunity.
We had so much fun playing Dart Gun's in the house. Ethan got nailed in the back from Katherine.
Ethan distracted Jeffery from firing on him while he gathered bullets.
Another shot of Jeffery getting ready to blast Jamie.

Christmas Games and more

While we were playing one of my favorite games - sequence, Ethan decides to be silly and put on Jill's toboggan.
Here's another shot of him being goofy. Wendy couldn't hold back the laughs.
Big Diddy cooking some hamburgers and turkey burgers. It was cold out there.
A shot of Layla and Lia. Layla is so cute.
Here's the rambunctious boys wrestling at Grandpa Glenn's house.