Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jamie's Concert

Jamie had her first band concert last Thursday. She and the band sounded great! Here are some pictures of the concert.

The Chimer

Here's Ethan actually playing the chimes and the other photo is of Ethan and Brock. A shock to us, was that Ethan didn't show his goofy side all night during the presentation.

Proud Chimer

Ethan was invited several months ago to play in the chime choir. He was so proud to be able to do it. He loved his shirt that he got for the choir. He was so proud to be the only person with 3 buttons because that meant that he was the tallest.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Stocking Are Hung

Jason is happily doing his part by holding the command adhesive to the wall for 30 seconds.

This was before he was happy.

Jamie and Jeffery having fun with stocking preparations. Katherine, strike a pose!

More fun.

Ethan holding 30 seconds.

Jeffery can't quite reach to hold his.


O Christmas Tree

We put the Christmas tree up on Monday night for Family Home Evening. Jamie LOVES Christmas music so I put her in charge of that. Last night we were riding in the van when I turned the radio station to Christmas music. Jamie had the biggest smile on her face. I asked her why she was smiling so big, and she said it was because of the Christmas music. Previously, I had said I would not listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

This is mostly how Ethan helped-in ghost form!

And here are Ethan and Jeffery helping with the Christmas tree.

Yet again, the boys working hard on getting the Christmas tree decorated.


Wendy, Katherine and Jamie

Don't you know that it's required to have at least one person have a meltdown while trying to get into the holiday spirit!

Katherine and Jamie "fluffing" the tree.

Oh look, Ethan's helping! Thanks, Ethan! Jason, you and Jamie are doing great!

I took the picture when Jason was saying feliz navidad.

O Christmas Tree
O Christmas Tree
How lovely are thy branches

My favorite Christmas tree ornaments are the ones with pictures of the children. Wow, I sure did use the word "Christmas" a lot!

Favorite Picture

My favorite picture is the children on the couch in their pjs.


Whatever you do, don't smile Jeffy!

What are you doing Katherine?

No bunny ears, Ethan.

The girls had the idea to have everyone cross their legs for the picture. I said no.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lots to Do

Here are lots of things we have been doing lately.

Ethan climbed a tree. No one freak out! It wasn't very high-maybe 5 feet.

Katherine said, "Anything you can do. I can do better!"

Brian and Luke spent the night we us so Becky and Paul could have a fun weekend together in the Smoky Mountains. The were bouncing off the walls, and I decided to help them focus on something yummy and fun. While I was watching Paula Dean a few days before, I paused the tv and printed out the recipe for the Pumpkin Bars she made.

Ethan, Brian and Luke took turns measuring the ingredients. It worked for a while, then they were bored again. This is Luke breaking an egg.

Ethan, Brian and Luke waiting impatiently.

Brian carefully breaking his egg. The first time he put LOTS of shells in the bowl. The second time he did much better.

I'm pretty sure there were more ingredients than just eggs, but that's all the pictures we have of the boys helping. See the baking soda, pumpkin, vegetable oil, cinnamon, baking powder, flour and salt?

The finished product! Jason loved his! Unfortunately, Becky and Paul came to pick up the boys before we made the cream cheese frosting, but they had some at Thanksgiving.

Uh, Jeffery, you have a little something on your face.

This next one is an I Spy. What can you spy?

It's Jeffery! He came and asked if he could rake leaves, and I was pleased to say YES! Ethan, Katherine and Jeffery all had lots of fun jumping in the leaves.

Jeffy is on his perch while Jason props up his foot and reads.

Jamie had the lesson for Family Home Evening and decided to have everyone write to Elder Bennett. Ethan is working hard in this one.

Slow down Katherine!

The Bishop included several of his favorite scriptures.

Jeffy had loads of fun!

Well, that didn't last long!

Does anyone know why Ethan is looking at this stack of things?

I do. He used this to climb onto the roof to get a football. I'm pretty sure that OSHA would not approve this "ladder."

Yup, Jason is still on the couch! This time reading to the youngest.

The children did not like the way I created the chore chart, so about 3 months ago I threw it away. Now they have the ENTIRE room instead of small parts of different rooms. Jamie had the kitchen in October. Great job, Jamie!