Monday, November 21, 2011


We had a Book of Mormon themed fall festival at church this year. I only have pictures of Jeffery doing some of the booths because the others left me, and I forgot to download the pictures to the computer and ran out of memory!

Here is Jeffery doing the fishing game.

This is pin the angel on the temple.

All the pictures are backwards!

Brother Thomas helping Jeffery hit Goliath with David's "stone" which was really a ping pong ball.

Jeffery learning how to use a slingshot. Oh, NO!

Jeffery posing in his cowboy costume with Jason elevating his foot on the couch.

Jamie was already at the church helping set up. This is just before the festival started, and I didn't see Katherine and Ethan for at least 30 minutes. They had so much fun!
Ethan was a gadianton robber, Katherine was a princess, and Jeffery was a cowboy.

Jamie was Queen Ester.

Jeffery met his cousin, Rubi (Rapunzel) while making his own Title of Liberty!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Painful Fun

I realize the title sounds like a contradiction, but I think Jason just proved it true at the corn maze. You see, my husband asked me to race with him in the inflatable obstacle course. I told him that I'm too old which implies that he is too old also. Anyway, since I wouldn't race him, he challenged Ethan who readily accepted. The following pictures were taken as they made their way through the obstacles.
Now you might think those are Jason's legs, but he's not that flexible, and if you look closely, you'll see Ethan at the bottom of the picture.

Notice the huge smile on Jason's face. He was having so much fun and was far enough ahead of Ethan that he had time to pull his socks up before ascending the "rock wall."

Here comes Ethan! Hurry, Jason! You're going to get beat!

Oh no, now they're neck and... well, chest!

After the "rock wall" is the slide down to the ground and the finish. I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of them sliding down, but this is what I did capture on film-Jason with a sprained ankle! Yes, I still think he is too old, but he just tells me, "Next time, I won't slide down sideways."

I wonder if he just wanted some more attention from me because it certainly feels like it. From making sure he takes his pain pills to icing and wrapping his foot, I have been paying more attention to him. So I guess it worked! Although, he is still recuperating from his painful fun!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hay Ride

Ali and Jodi

Ethan and Brian - best buds.

Autumn had WAY to much fun on this ride - eating!

Jeffery and Luke - cousins and friends.

Katherine and Jeffy - awe how sweet!

The Hopper Clan
Aren't they cute! It's the red couple!

The Westenhofers

More Fun

This is the only picture of Paul I got in the corn maze.

I thought this was a really cute picture of all the kids. On the tires: Brian, Jeffery, Katherine, Ethan, Jamie, Ali being held in place by her mom, Jodi. Behind the tires is Luke walking around and Paul driving Autumn on the bicycle 4 wheeler toy.

Jason and Jeffery taking a gander at the goat.

Jamie (sorry I cut your head off!), Luke, Jeffery and Brian playing in the bouncy inflatable.

I think Ethan and Jamie should have traded seats! This was the Pumpkin Express. A 4 wheeler drove them around and blew dust in their faces too. I think Jeffery had the best spot in the very back because there was less dust. Front to back: Ethan, Jamie, Luke, Katherine and Jeffery.

Corn Fun

Well, this is hay fun. Jeffery, Katherine, Luke, Ethan and Brian. I guess Ethan jumped before the 1, 2 or 3.

Jamie holding Autumn, Jodi pushing Ali in the stroller, Becky and Katherine.

Jamie, Katherine, Jodi with Ali in the stroller, Becky and Autumn hiding in the shadow and corn.

From back to front: Jason, Jeffery, Ethan, Luke and Brian.

Jeffery, Jason, Becky talking to Brian at the beginning of the corn maze.

It Hurts

Jeffery had 5 shots yesterday, and now he doesn't have to get shots to start school next year. Anyway, I asked him if his legs were feeling better today, and he said, "No, it hurts when I put my leg here." He pointed to his head! He is very flexible and frequently holds his foot next to his head while sucking on his thumb. This picture is not of him sucking his thumb, but I think you get the idea.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Still Pre-Maze Activities

Jason and I got locked up for breaking the rules. Yeah right! Maybe Jason, but not me!

Ali and Becky (in her Lady Saints sweatshirt)
I have to tell a funny story about my Lady Saints sweatshirt. I gave mine to Jamie, but Katherine had it on the other day. Jamie was telling her to take it off. When I saw that Katherine was trying to wear that sweatshirt to school (Moody Middle School), I sided with Jamie. I couldn't allow her to get picked on because she had on a sweatshirt of her school's rival! One day she will thank me. Although it wasn't that day.

Katherine and Jamie in the inflatable obstacle course. Well, at least ONE of them was having fun!

It's time for a bathroom break before we get lost for hours on end in the corn maze.

These were the signs at the beginning of the maze. We chose the Long & Challenging route. It wasn't very challenging for me because I just followed everyone else. Jason, Paul, Becky and Jodi kept track of where we were and had been before. I just took pictures.

Maze Slide

This is the first thing Ethan saw. It is a fun bicycle or rather quadcycle. You have to pedal to make it move. He and Jeffery had loads of fun on this toy. We had to tell Ethan to get off because other children wanted a turn. There were only two.

This is an inside picture of Paul enjoying the super fast corrugated pipe slide. I'm really glad he did not kick me with those two big feet!

This is hilarious! Becky took Autumn down the really fast pipe slide and Jodi was taking a picture of them. That's not just a cute pose. They fell forward after I took the picture.

Now this LOOKS like Paul is posing with Ali, but they just came down the slide. Paul did NOT fall forward with Ali. Notice the deep bend in his knees which Becky was lacking in the previous picture.

This is how everyone ended up - on the ground. Jason, Jeffery and Brian enjoyed it too.

Corn Maze

We decided to go to a corn maze in Oxford, AL. This is our first trip ever. We went with the Smith and Westenhofer families - minus Adam :(

Jodi was REALLY cold so I gave her a snuggly warm Alabama pull-over. As you can see from the picture, she was not excited about the Alabama part of the pull-over. She didn't want Adam to see her in this so of course I had to post this pic.



Westenhofers (sorry Adam was bringing home the bacon)

Jamie took Autumn down the big slide made of pvc pipes.

More Party People

Carl showing the love.

Luke, Brock, Jeffery, Clara, Benjamin and someone's blue shirt. Look in the previous posts to find out who it is.

Kim is sitting on a stool by the trash can. With this many people that is the only place she could find to rest her toosh.

This was my birthday party. Jamie made my cake. She did a great job! Thanks, Jamie!