Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Car (to us)

This week we had decided to get another vehicle because the truck is costing us too much. We are having engine problems with it and it is on the brink of costing us way too much. So we decided to look for something that I can drive back and forth to work that will save us on gas and would hopefully be inexpensive. We looked at a myriad of parameters on our search for cars.
Wendy woke up yesterday morning and did her routine check on the internet for a good car. She found a new post on one of the websites that she had searched on a regular basis, but it was an outstanding deal that we couldn't pass up. It was a 2000 Toyota Camry selling for $5800 and had 29k miles listed on it. Wendy decided that we needed to go see this as soon as possible. We did and we got it after a long day. Here are some pictures of the new ride.