Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ethan's Tough Week

Well, with the start of school this week, we were all ready for the week to begin. Ethan woke up the first few days with "growing pains". I never really understood this and don't remember if it happened when I was a little boy. Ethan had real bad cramps in both legs from his thighs and hamstrings down to his ankles for the first two days. Wednesday was a little better, but still some mild cramps in his legs.

Then Thursday he gets off the bus and walks up to the house, trips and bangs his knee. He comes in the house with a cut or scrape on his knee and sees blood and begins to wail (there is a whole other story in this). Anyway, he gets his knee fixed, gets a bath and his tooth is even loose a little. Wendy and Ethan tried to pull it but with no avail. We have a movie on this.

Then Friday, he couldn't go to Mindy's birthday party because he didn't do his chores.

Finally, Today, Ethan really had it rough today. He was playing on the bed this morning and fell off and hurt his mouth and blood came out where his tooth was located. Wendy finally came and got me after struggling with Ethan, trying to get his tooth out. Well, I tried a method, an old one at that, to tug or jerk his tooth out by making a noose out of floss. I convinced Ethan that he would be the one to pull the tooth. His reaction to that was much more calm. After I got the tooth tied and ready to pull, he was very hesitant to pull the tooth. I quickly helped him out and it came out very easily. Whew!

I am not finished, yet. Later on today Katherine got mad at Ethan for bothering her and Jamie and took her trash bag, which contained a broken trophy, and swung at him and hit him on top of his head, which commenced to bleed. Ethan ran downstairs to tell Wendy and me and we noticed blood dripping down his face and his hands. This really scared us and we cleaned it up and called the doctor. After a couple of hours of wait, we finally were able to see the doctor. By this time Ethan was still bleeding but not so much. Dr. Harmon was the physician that saw him. The doctor always make the patients hurt. Well, he was cleaning the wounds and Ethan was really hurting. It got to the point where the doctor asked me to assist him so that he could clean the wound. This is not even the bad part. After that he began to spread the glue on Ethan's head it was okay. Then Ethan really started to feel the sting in the glue. It was awful. Ethan was screaming, crying, jerking and grabbing the doctors arm because of the pain. He was telling the doctor to blow it and the doctor did. After a couple of minutes the pain subsided and we were able to go home. That was hard to take to see Ethan go through that pain.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finally School has come

Monday, the first day of school. It was finally here. They were all excited on Sunday. They got all there stuff (clothes, lunch, etc.) ready on Sunday and went to bed a little early. I remember Katherine was going to the bathroom late that night and Wendy told her to get to bed. She replied that she couldn't sleep. That's probably because she was so excited. Monday morning we woke up a little early and fixed a big "First Day of School" Breakfast, well the bus decided to come on time or early whichever it was this day so we didn't get to take the pictures that we usually do.

So later on this week Wendy Made sure to take a few pictures for historical purposes. One day we can look back at these and see how much they've grown.