Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slipping Sliding Splashing Fun

These are older pictures that we took on the 4th of July. After we ate lunch the children wanted to go out side and play in the water hose. Well, grandma got a little smarter and found some plastic and tarps and put hand soap on them to make them slicker with water. We filmed Paul taking his boys and gliding them down the plastic because they were not fast enough to slide themselves.

Hip Hop Hoppers

One night, before bedtime, the children decided to put on there glasses and act "Yo Yo". So here is some pictures of almost all of them being cool.

It was hard to get Jeffery still to take a picture

Ethan was real into the signs.

Katherine is very photogenic anyway.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reality Shows

I am not that much into reality shows these days, but I used to watch "American Idol" and lost interest. Here a few or more years back Wendy and I got on a kick watching movies that had dancing in it because it was so cool to see the choriography and the cool moves that they would perform. Now, I have no rhythm at all so I can't claim to be a good dancer and will not ever, but I do like to watch it. Here about 5 years ago Fox aired a show called "So you think you can dance" and a couple of years later MTV aired a show called "Americas Best Dance Crew". Well, we watch them frequently and really get into it. Some people like to watch other dance "reality" shows, but we have found these to be very entertaining. Here is a clip of one of the performances last night that is a real nice taste of the quality that is on this show.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Voicemail Message

This is such a cute little message that Jeffery left me the other day. You will definitely enjoy it.

APSO Softball Tournament 2009

This past Friday and Saturday, I had an opportunity to play softball for charity. We got up a team more than a month ago and had a couple of practices and were ready to play. The first night we did pretty good. We got into a groove, played outstanding defense and put the ball whereever we wanted to hit it, except over the fence. We finally won 14-8. We were pretty sore after the game that night. I played catcher and got an out for the team. I also had a couple of hits. My third hit went straight to the pitcher. Lucky for him he caught it or it might have taken his head off. It was hot and muggy.

This is Jeffery trying to emulate his dad.

Our second day of games was a complete 180 degrees. We did awful. We didn't hit good or play defense that well. We were also missing a few people. It must have been a combination of soreness, attitude and confidence. We will definitely play next year to see if we can do better than we did this past time. We had fun and a few little stories to tell after the weekend.

Favorite Past Time

One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is to go swimming. We always went swimming when I was growing up, whether it was in a pool or a creek. At least in a pool you don't get cut by broken beer bottles or slip on a smooth rock down a small rapid, but for the most part we had lots of fun swimming growing up. I am not sure how often Wendy and her sisters got to swim, but we swam often. Here are some pictures of our family at Amy's pool.

Ethan is ducking himself in the water to see how long he can hold his breath

Picture of everyone and Rubi

Playday in North Alabama

We went to Casey and Eilisa's house to spend some time with them and hang out. We went out to a field beside their house to hit some balls and to show off Ethan's new skills from the baseball season. We also saw their new dog. In the pictures below you will see "most" of our children petting the dog. Can you guess who's not in the picture and why?

Now, here is another picture of that misterious person that is in the picture: