Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving Activity

This past Thanksgiving after all the food that we ate, we were playing games and relaxing. Wendy was bored and wanted to do something more fun. So Wendy, Becky and I traveled back home and got the 4-wheeler. Wendy gave rides around the backyard then I started letting my children drive the 4-wheeler. We rode it almost until dark. Here are a few pictures of them driving, except for Jeffery of course, and one of Jeffery holding on to his cousin while riding around the yard.

Primary Activity Day

This past Saturday we had the primary activity day. We started by having breakfast - their favorite meal of the day. It included pancakes, bacon and orange juice. Then after breakfast, I (Leader of the 8 - 11 year old girls) had the children play "reindeer" games. Then they made a christmas tree ornament which looked like Rudolph. Next they played a game with two different colored balloons. The balloons were scattered in the middle and the teams had to get their own balloons in their box. The winner was the team who accomplished this first. It was chaotic but very fun.