Sunday, June 5, 2016

Moody Travel Basketball

This year has been an interesting year for basketball for Ethan. He grew over a span of 5 months to a height of 5'9" or 5'10", somewhere around that height, and began to understand how to play basketball a little better. This year his Rec-League team was the best and ultimately won the league and tournament. They played 6 games during the season and was 4-2 then caught a hot streak and blew through the tournament and won it all. Ethan had several games of more than 15 points.

After the Rec League was over, his coach tried to get a team together and play other nearby cities but to no avail. He then found out about other tournaments in Alabama - Southside, Auburn and Montgomery. So we began to practice every week to gel together as a team. We played a tournament in Southside and got killed. It was due to teams falsifying their age and grade. We were the only true 7th grade team. We played in Auburn this past weekend and got killed in 2 out of 3 games. We still lost all 3 but at least we hung in there with one team. The one team was from Roanoke and they had a "7th grader" who looked like he was a senior that stood 6'4" and was muscled up. He almost dunked the basketball, too.

After the first game, we went to eat lunch and to site see. We went to Auburn's Beard-Eaves Coliseum where we saw a small family practicing basketball, so we encouraged the kids to go down and be on the floor. By the time they got down there the family had left. They began running and shooting the ball and having a good ole time. After a while, we encouraged the coach to go down and coach them up. He did that and they began playing full court basketball practice. It was cool to be able to be there and practice at the most expensive and luxurious place in Auburn. One could not pick a better place to practice.

From there we walked to the baseball field, saw the head baseball coach talking on the phone and got a picture with their backs facing the fields. We were missing one player - Chance Enge.

Then we walked to the football field across the street but could not get in to the stadium but took a picture outside the stadium.

After our little adventure, we had some time to spare so we went back to the tournament but didn't go in so we rested in the car for a time. We played one more game at Auburn Jr. High Gym and then played the last game at Auburn High School Gym (old gym).

After the last game we headed home. It took us about 2 hours to get home and we had to go through a heavy down pour. We got home around 10 PM.